Los Angeles River Round 1


Protecting our River is a collaborative effort across agencies and organizations to understand the biodiversity of the Los Angeles River. These samples are part of round 1 of 3 to see if there are any distinguishable changes in biodiversity across time periods. Round 1 samples were collected at the end of summer of 2020 with the help of DISCO from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and LA Sanitation and Environment.

Twelve sites were selected across the Los Angeles river and its tributaries. At each site, 10 sediment samples and 4 water samples were collected along both soft-bottom and fully channelized sections of the river. The data from 8 sediment samples and 4 water samples at each site are currently uploaded here on the CALeDNA website.

Protecting our River collaborators include the Audubon Center at Debs Park, LA Sanitation and Environment, Council for Watershed Health, the Diversity Initiative for the Southern California Oceans (DISCO), Heal the Bay, LA Waterkeeper, The Nature Conservancy, North Hollywood High School Zoo Magnet, SCCWRP, and Friends of the LA River (FOLAR).

Support for the project is provided by Metabolic Studio.

Project Details

Researchers rsmeyer
miroslava.munguia ORCID link
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Decontamination method
Primers 18S, 16S, Vert12S, Fungal_ITS5_5.8S, CO1_Leray, PITS