Santa Cruz Bioblitz Day! Younger Lagoon and Bonny Doon!

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Santa Cruz: Younger Lagoon and Bonny Doon


Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:00 am - Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:00 pm


Yes, they rhyme! Younger Lagoon is a UC Natural Reserve with important terrestrial and aquatic species to monitor with eDNA. We'll meet there at 10AM and do a trek through the reserve. Then we'll break for lunch and drive in the hills of Bonny Doon, where we have a double feature! First, we will visit the Bonny Doon Ecological Reserve, which contains rare sandhills and soils. Many fossilized marine mammals have been discovered there! After CALeDNA survey of the reserve, we will take a short drive to some very interesting grape agriculture that is happening in the area! Vineyards of Bonny Doon are special: the different grape varietals are matched with specific microclimates and soil types and dry-cropped (as in, they aren't irrigated). This is CALeDNA's second collaboration with a farm; the Beauregard winemaker wants to know what lives on the farmland from the DNA perspective! Help us learn about microclimates, soils, and then for those over 21, enjoy a wine-tasting to follow the event at Beauregard Vineyards tasting room! The planning for this event is in process, but we expect local experts on the lagoon, the reserve, and the vineyards to be with the group to help us learn all we can.

You can join for the whole day or just join for part of the fun.

Transportation help from UC campuses is available. Just send us an email if you want help finding transportation.

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